Why use Unique logo for your business ?

12 Dec

If you are planning to start a business in any field, then i’m sure you would have chosen a name for your business too because without a proper name your business wouldn’t be recognizable to your customers. Just like a business without a name is unimaginable, a business without a logo too is unimaginable if you are serious about your business then you have to have a great logo design so that your customers can identify your business easily and not just that a logo also helps to establish trust in your client base with its appealing graphics and images.




So now you have decided to create a logo for your business ? Good now hire someone who offers affordable logo design service the guy does a commendable work and you get your logo done, you get all the branding material done because you have your logo with you know, everything right from your coffee mug to pencil to employee tshirts everything is drenched with your logo design on it but wait a second just when you are proud of your logo all hell breaks loose, Whoa! you see someone else using the same logo that you have, now that’s devastating to your business because your logo isn’t original and unique anymore. Your logo has a twin-brother, your customers will be confused on which brand to trust. infact your business will lose credibility if your customers see your logo same as that of another brand that uses / provides sub-standard product or services.


So how to differentiate good logo with a bad one and most importantly how to find a unique logo, first of all whichever designer you hire for your logo project, please check his portfolio if his work is impressive then hire him for your logo design work. once you get the final logo simply check how unique your logo is using google image search, if there is a similar image anywhere on the internet google will show it up. Or simply put it on your facebook page and ask if someone knows any image that is exactly like this one that you have posted.


Mg Arfath Ali Khan is the founder and creative art director of siteimpressive.com an online web design agency that offer low cost web design services.