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10 Creative Text Based logos

2 Dec

Hello guys,

There are different types of logo styles  and one of them is text based logo.

Today I will share with you some creative text based logos, these logos are quite simple as they don’t have any robust graphics with them, they are much more creative and elegant.

so lets go ahead without wasting anytime.

Aqua Logo – This logo is elegant and creative at its best – the designer of this logo has used the letter “Q”  in such a way that it represent Aqua – water, it does has some slight 3d look too.


Locks – The designer of this logo has done a superb job in a simple way using negative space to the fullest.


Another creative design using glow effect to the perfect level.


Pencil – excellent use of negatives space and creativity. wow.


Simple yet says more through its design, an amazing work by the designer.


Zipped to perfection, what can more can i say about this one. clever use of negative space again,  just three characters and it says the whole story of the logo


At first glance it might look like  some  abstract wave shape, but if you look closely these are letters that have been interconnected with each other to form wave literally.


Another example of creativity and simplicity.


The fonts used in this logo are quite elegant the rest of the story the design says it all.


Creative use of characters to represent the literal meaning of the logo, another amazing design.


Thats it folks I hope you have liked it.

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