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The Essence of Graphic Designing

31 May

Graphic designing is not something that one can learn without any hardships, its not like that you can become a graphic designer with just one course or degree from top notch Institute or University,  first of all to learn  graphic designing you to need to put in a lot of effort, you need to have a vision for design, an eye for design its not just that you have a degree and you become a designer, no, that’s not possible.

There is difference between designing something  that is OK and designing something that is awesome, you can put it in this way if you want to stay ahead in the business you have to be an awesome designer, nowadays yes, Graphic Designing has become a big time business, even though its a business but it is directly associated with Art and Art of course is not that easy to be mastered, I will try my best to keep the talk strictly to Graphic Designing because if we stray from the topic I have to throw light on the design software’s which I don’t want to do in this post.

lets face the reality no business can survive if it doesn’t have a graphical representation of its own name and identity, so having a graphical identity of for your business is a must.  The market for graphic designers is huge and so is the competition, it  takes intense amount of hard work to gain the level of perfection. The major factor that distinguishes a good designer with a bad designer is how he understands his work,  you might have mastered a graphic editing software but its useless until you don’t know about what you are working on.




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