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Google And Graphic Design Business

6 Oct

Yep, my topic today is a bit odd, its more on the side of business than on the side graphic design, there are lots of graphic designers on this planet some talented some really talented some really good and some really bad, many of us have online business some of them work as freelancers on various sites some of us are self employed having our own  graphic design shops on the internet. 

For those have their online design companies its really difficult to get customers through search engines, its difficult to rank for certain keywords and its impossible to maintain consistency in your rankings unless you have done some solid SEO ( search engine optimization ) and that Solid SEO is not gonna come free, its costs a lot of time and money if you don’t want to do this dirty job yourself, here is where Google comes into the picture life was good for some people until Google came up with algorithmic updates to check spam linkbuilding measures and various other spammy SEO activities on the internet, now its has become a bit difficult to rank but nothing has changed still I would say, still the rules of the game are simple and clear……..don’t spam, build links that are natural.

For Design agencies especially newly established ones SEO is more just a three letter word it means more of testing your patience and resources because no matter how good designer you are if you don’t have a good rankings on the google search chances are that your business will get not a even a single customer through search engines.


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